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    Midland Trading (PTE) Co. Ltd. is a company that specialized in both manufacturing and business. Since being established in 1997, its products have been exported to countries all over the world, and have been greatly welcomed by the customers.
Its products include series as follows:

1.No-hub fitting & pipe according to CISPI301 standard, at same time we also can supply   the all size of coupling which is suitable for No-hub fitting & pipe.
2.No-hub fitting & pipe according to EN877 standard
3.Coupling for no-hub fitting & pipe
4.Ductile iron fitting according to BS4772/ISO2531, AWWA C110/153 standard
5.Various kinds of hose clamp
6.Scaffolding & Formwork accessories
7.Cast iron & Ductile cast manhole cover8.Various kinds of iron wire & stripmesh & wire   neting

  We are also looking forward to processing and manufacturing accroding to drawings or samples, and we’ll try our best to make the quality of our products in conformity with the enquiry of our clients.